Start selling on Facebook in just a few clicks

Let Your Fans & Followers be your best customers.

You can use your existing social media reach as another sales channel. Each product in your Shirt Shop Creator store generates a link, which can be used across all social media channels. You just need to paste your product link into your post.

Your Products Directly on Facebook

Create offers or promotions for your fans

Social media offers a number of new possibilities. Create special social media promotions or time-bound offers. Simply share the product Link of your desired products on Facebook or Twitter. Facebook automatically recognizes pictures and product descriptions.

Your customers order directly from Facebook

Fast, Easy, Safe.

Now you can push your products and promote your brand. With one click, your shared products can be ordered by your fans and followers and paid for quickly and easily via our secure checkout. The best way to use your social media potential.

Discover the power

Use Your Social Media Potential

Make optimized advertising on Facebook

Increase your sales

Increase your brand awareness and use the reach of Facebook with 2 billion people worldwide. Wherever you sell, you’ll reach more customers and increase your online and store sales through social media offerings.

Sell ​​via SMS, WhatsApp or Facebook

The shortest way to your customers.

Just send a message with a messenger or chat program. The recipient reads the message on his smartphone or tablet and can order and pay directly. Sell ​​with a message via: SMS, iMessage, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger.